Jan 13

Batten Down the Hatches! From MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL...

June 6 Newsflash! Okay, I never claimed to be a meteorologist. As soon as I said it was too early for hurricane season, up pops Tropical Storm Andrea in the Gulf of Mexico. As I write this, Andrea is sloshing ashore in Brigands Key. Or where the fictional island is located, at any rate. And of course, there's not really much left of Brigands Key after the bitch goddess named Hurricane Celeste slammed into the island. Anyway, it looks like this might be a helluva season coming at us in 2013.

The calendar just flipped June 1st, so hurricane season is officially here. Now I don't necessarily agree with that date...anyone who's lived along the Gulf Coast or the U.S. Atlantic seaboard knows that they're unlikely to see a hurricane in June, or even July. The real season is August and September. On the other hand, the waters are warmer every year, so it's reasonable to assume tropical storms will begin earlier. Nevertheless, I thought I'd highlight this by returning again to the MRJ story linked below...

Janet Rudolph's wonderful quarterly, MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL, covering the gamut of mystery fiction, has a short piece of mine in the Florida-themed Winter 2013 edition. Titled "Storms, Mayhem, and Mystery", it reveals a bit of my Brigands Key thinking. I'm reprinting the story here, but I encourage mystery lovers to subscribe to MRJ, or to buy the individual issue...it's chock-full of terrific writing by noted authors who use Florida as the springboard of imagination.

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Dec 12

Tales of Mystery & Suspense

Get Your Skullduggery On! Download TREACHEROUS BASTARDS today...

TREACHEROUS BASTARDS: Stories of Suspense, Deceit, and Skullduggery, a collection of three short stories, is available for Kindle e-readers at Amazon.com (or for I-Pad, I-Phone, or PC, with the free Kindle app). Two stories--"Itchy" and "Great Minds Think Alike"--were previously published. For fans of Brigands Key, the previously unpublished "Double Effect" peels back a layer of the onion skin for a glimpse into the island's troubled past.

Nov 12

"A Perfect Storm of Menace": BRIGANDS KEY Review...

Florida Weekly's Phil Jason weighs in...

BK Review

Oct 12

Award Time!

Place of Fear has won first place for unpublished thriller/suspense novel in the 2012 Royal Palm Literary Awards, hosted by the Florida Writers Association.

Funny thing about awards ceremonies. I’m cool as a cucumber during the dinner, and through most of the ceremony, like Nicholson at the Oscars. But as they get closer and closer to my category, my hands get clammy and my heart starts thumping. It’s hard not to get that rush of nerves, I guess. A few of the awards recipients burst out in joy and ran to collect their prizes. Me, I saunter up like it’s no big deal, when in actuality I’m concentrating on not doing a face-plant. I’d hate for them to change their minds on account of some obscure clumsiness clause. Hey, It could happen.

The emcee announces me as "Ken Pendle." Oh well. I grab the award and run before anybody named Pendle can object.

My advice to aspiring writers: join writers groups and get out there. They're great for networking and honing your craft. And submit your work to competitions; you can't win if you don't.

Aug 12

Order Now!

Brigands Key

An ageless, impossible body at the bottom of the sea. A lethal plague. A ruthless murderer. A monster hurricane. When archaeologist Carson Grant comes to tiny Brigands Key to escape the limelight and repair his shattered reputation, he finds himself instead staring down the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

A first-place winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award, BRIGANDS KEY is a roller-coaster ride through murder, vengeance, and secrets best left undisturbed.

Available at Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com.

Praise for Brigands Key:

"A perfect storm of menace...highly entertaining...breathtaking!" --The Florida Weekly

Jul 12

My ITW Interview...

Check out my interview in the July webzine edition of International Thriller Writers' "The Big Thrill!"