Sep 15

THE PROMETHEUS SAGA...Now in Softcover & Ebook

History is never fully told...

The 13 stories and 12 authors of the The Prometheus Saga are now collected and available in both single print and single ebook volumes. Embark upon a 40,000-year journey of discovery into who we are as humans.

4 stories in The Prometheus Saga were winners of the prestigious 2015 Royal Palm Literary Awards:

Antonio Simon, Jr.'s thoughtful "LILITH" 1st Place for Published Short Story. Daco Auffenorde's thrilling "THE PISCES AFFAIR" 3rd Place for Published Short Story. Elle Andrews Patt's intriguing look at the early colonization of America, "MANTEO", 3rd Place for Novella; Parker Francis's tale of the mysteries of literary creation, "THE STRANGE CASE OF LORD BYRON'S LOVER," 1st Place for General Fiction, and 1st Runnerup for Published Book of the Year.