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Ken Pelham is primarily a writer of suspense and thrillers, although he has been known to dip into horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream fiction. As a nonfiction author, he’s penned articles on environmental issues, public open space, and the fields of suspense writing. He frequently lectures on the topics of writing in viewpoint and on building suspense in fiction, and has turned those two topics into concise guidebooks.

Ken is an eleven-time winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award, and a member of International Thriller Writers and the Florida Writers Association.

Ken grew up in the off-the-radar South Florida farm town of Immokalee, sandwiched between coasts and snuggled against wild, woolly Big Cypress Swamp. He holds a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Florida and spent his professional career designing parks and working on land development issues. He lives in Maitland, Florida with his lovely wife Laura and their cat Luna. Ken has two daughters, Jen, who lives with her husband Mike in Denver, and Amy, who lives with her husband Miles in Altamonte Springs.


I have several things in the works. I just published a short guidebook on writing in viewpoint, and I’m adding a second writer’s guide to building suspense. I have a novel about 1/4-finished of a first draft. Also getting some audiobook versions completed of BRIGANDS KEY and my collected short stories.

My published work is available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Walmart.

Yes, I have Kindle Editions on Amazon and select audiobooks on Audible.

Don’t write for others! Write for yourself…write what you like to read, what interests you. Chances are, readers will pick up on the passion.

And rewrite EVERYTHING, many times over. BRIGANDS KEY went through nine drafts before being released.

I’m not a big believer in writer’s block. When the words aren’t coming, it’s usually because I’ve hit a plot or story snag that needs to be worked out. If you hit a “block”, it’s a good idea, perhaps, to move on to another scene in the story, go back and edit something already written, or have a second project or two to work on. Or just write anything and let the words come out.

Ken Pelham | Award winning author

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