Enjoy a Good Scare?

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Scarier by the Pairier…

Now available on Amazon for Kindle readers (and for i-Phone, i-Pad, and home PC with the free app from Amazon): A DOUBLE SHOT OF FRIGHT: Two Tales of Terror, by Ken Pelham. $0.99 !!!…best entertainment value this side of a Russell Crowe singing engagement!

Two short stories of horror from award-winning author Ken Pelham, guaranteed to make you keep the lights on.

Myrna“: A drunken brutal husband, a beautiful young wife with the mysterious skills of a lost race…and an unwillingness to be a victim. Originally appeared in Stellanova Magazine, 1988.

Familiar“: A modern twist on the myth of the witch’s familiars, those creatures subservient to their masters’ whims. Old Salem meets MIT. Originally appeared in Black Petals Magazine, 2004.

Buy now while supplies last! No lines! See ball-point pen offer!


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