Book cover for author Ken Pelham's non-fiction work GREAT DANGER: A Writer's Guide to Building Suspense

GREAT DANGER: A Writer's Guide to Building Suspense

Why do some novels keep you on the edge of your seat, flipping pages as fast as you can read them, while others you trudge through? What is it about the page-turner?

In a word, suspense. The author entices you, hooks you, and lands you. But how? It’s not by accident. Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques of building suspense in fiction. In this concise guide, you’ll learn what makes suspense tick, why we like it, and how to instill it into your writing.

Ken Pelham, a member of the International Thriller Writers, and author of two first-place winners of the Royal Palm Literary Award with his thrillers BRIGANDS KEY and PLACE OF FEAR, spells out all things, big and little, that make prose irresistibly suspenseful and keep readers up late into the night.

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